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Heidelberg 6 Colour SM 74 Shipping from Brazil

This Heidelberg SM 74 6LX was locted in Brazil by Windward. As with all our machines, the press was inspected by a member of our team before we confirmed a deal with one of our Dealer Clients from India. We also went with our client to inspect the press before it was dismantled, packed and loaded for shipping to the client in New Dehli. Our Priority is the satisfaction of our clients, and .. Read more

Sakurai Screen Machines sold to India

Windward recently purchased two Sakurai Screen Machines from a Company in South Africa that was closing down. The 72 & 102 Size machines were checked, dismantled and packed for shipping to two seperate clients in India. Windward are proud of our reputation for quality service and our ability to dismantle and ship, and install again when require any machine anywhere. Should you require furth.. Read more

Perfect for Business Print, South Africa

Business Print in South Africa contacted Windward with a view to replacing there exsisting Perfect Binder with a Newer Muller Martini with PUR. Windward quickly located a 2008 Muller Martini Bolero Binder in Kiev, Ukraine and arranged a full inspection report for the Management of Business Print along with a structured plan to dismantle the press and provide shipping of the machine. With an agr.. Read more

Man Roland 705 LV heads to Asia

When Atlas Printing Press decided to dispose of this Man Roland 705 LV, Windward were on hand to help them. The 40,000 KG press eas inspected and recomended to one our companies numerous clients in Asia and the process of dismantling and shipping this heayweight was arranged by Claire Rawes, head of the Windward's Logistics Department. Windward are able to dismantle and ship from anywhere o.. Read more

Presstek 52 DI

Windward Used Printing Machinery was contacted by a leading UK Finance company that had to dispose of this 2010 Presstek 52 DI 4 colour Digital Machine. With Thousands of contacts around the world, Windward quickly found a suitable buyer for the machine in western Canada. The Press with only 13 million impressions had been fully maintained from new, and after the inspection by the client, Windw.. Read more

Mitsubishi 5 Colour B1 to Asia

This Mitsubishi 3F5 with Comrac Console, Semi Automatic Plate Changing, and Automatic Washers was sourced from a Priting Company by Windward Used Printing Machinery for a Client in Asia, Again Windward araanged Dismantling, Loading and Shipping to Asia as Part of our range of Services available to all our Clients old and New

4 Colour KBA 105 Sold to Hong Kong

This low impression count KBA 105 4 CX was located by Windward in the Heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. The New Style Universal Model Press that was equipped with CX Package for Printing on Heavier stocks had only completed 40 million impressions from new. We quickly inspected the Press and arranged with our local agent to dismantle the press and load it for shipment to Hong Kong 

Late Model Heidelberg SM 52 4 H to Switzerland

Windward located this very young and highly specified machine from a printing school in the Heart of Finland, The press equipped with Wall Screen had only done 1.9 million impressions in its time at the school and could only be described as like new. The press has now been dismantled and loaded to Truck for transportation to its new home in Switzerland

Muller Martini Normbinder heads East

When Obendorfer Drukkerei in Austria decided to upgrade there Bindery department, Windward were on hand to help dispose of the surplus equipment. The Muller Martini Normbinder NB 4SF with Zenith Trimmer Was quickly assesed for our client in Asia and arrangements made to remove the 30m long machine out of the factory and on to its way to its new owners

KBA 162A 4 SW2 sold to Egypt

Windward located a Large format KBA 162A 4 colour with perfecting at Guttenberg Print in Malta as the company was restructuring there press room. We found a client for this machine in Egypt, and the press was sold to a dealer there on an ex site basis as per his request. The client arranged his engineers to come and remove the machine and transport this large machine to Cairo.

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